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Albums of my sophomore year of high school

I’m writing a Spanish paper right now, but I’m listening to some Minus The Bear, and it inspired me to jot down some other albums that had a profound impact on me during the 2007-08 school year.

  • Tokyo Police Club — A Lesson In Crime
  • Thurston Moore — Trees Outside The Academy
  • Minus The Bear — Highly Refined Pirates
  • Modest Mouse — The Lonesome Crowded West
  • Nada Surf — Lucky
  • The Thermals — The Body, The Blood, The Machine
  • Lupe Fiasco — Lupe Fiasco’s Food and Liquor
  • Public Enemy — It Takes A Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back
  • Nirvana — In Utero

What are some for you? 

In Afternoon Air: April 17, 2014

In Afternoon Air, April 17, 2014, WMUC Digital

Cloud Nothings — “Pattern Walks” — Here And Nowhere Else
Husker Du — “Something I Learned Today” — Zen Arcade
The Wipers — “Mystery” — Is This Real?
Nirvana — “Drain You” — Nevermind
Sonic Youth — “Theresa’s Sound World” — Dirty

Guided By Voices — “Blimps Go 90” — Alien Lanes
Smashing Pumpkins — “Today” — Siamese Dream
Dinosuar Jr. — “I’m Insane” — Hand It Over
Fugazi — “Do You Like Me?” — Red Medicine
Pavement — “Zurich Is Stained” — Slanted & Enchanted

Sunset Theme — “The Ending Is Ending”
Otis Infrastructure — “Oh No Nomo” — Dreaming of Stucco
Galaxie 500 — “Tugboat” — Today
Mac DeMarco — “Chamber of Reflection” — Salad Days
Modest Mouse — “Trailer Trash” — The Lonesome Crowded West

April 16, 2014: In Afternoon Air by Inafternoonair on Mixcloud

Otis Infrastructure — “Oh No Nomo”

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I’m trying to drink away the part of the day
That I cannot sleep away

Travel tunes for days

Back 2 Brooklyn for a minute

Back 2 Brooklyn for a minute

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Cloud Nothings — “I’m Not Part of Me”

Here And Nowhere Else is out for real today, so be sure to give it a listen or cop it, and this video is one of the most normal ones Cloud Nothings has ever done, but it’s still kind of weird. It’s a good time.