1. Real Estate — “Green Aisles”

    Happy first day of fall!

  2. Interpol — “Slow Hands”

    In the futile attempt to read all the articles I’ve fav’d on Twitter and saved to my Readability over the past year-plus, I came across a Noisey piece from a few weeks ago by Eric Sundermann about Interpol and the band’s new album El Pintor. Jack showed me “All The Rage Back Home” in LA over the summer, and it definitely sounds like a return to form, which is great. We also spent that afternoon after the World Cup final listening to all the Interpol we could find on YouTube. I threw on Antics and Turn On The Bright Lights this morning, and it was a fantastic decision. It all still holds up. In the process, I remembered that one of my AIM screen names in middle school was “slowhands92”. Thanks, Paul Banks,

  3. Neon Indian — “6669 (I don’t know if you know)

  4. Husker Du — “Makes No Sense At All”

  5. danieljtgallen:


    "Our intention was to re-create an old country talk show on a shoe string. We brought over next-door neighbor Tim Presley (of White Fence fame), threw a bolo tie on him, and asked him to host. It turns out he’s a natural, as you will see."

    Watch the Kevin Morby video for “All of My Life” here and on All Songs TV

    Kevin Morby is one of my favorites, and this music video is awesome and hilarious. I really hope The Babies can come back soon, too.

    Tim Presley cameo ftw!

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  6. Twerps — “Heavy Hands”

    Hanging out in the suburbs and it feels like fall.

  7. Yo La Tengo — “Autumn Sweater”

  8. The Hold Steady — “Killer Parties”

  9. Kevin Morby — “Parade”

    From Still Life, out Oct. 14 on Woodsist.

  10. Alex Bleeker — “Never Goin’ Back”


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