1. Big Troubles — “Phantom”

    This came on while I was driving home from work last night and I got some weirdly nostalgic feels for the end of freshman year in 2011. I think this song came out a day or two before I moved out of Cumberland.

  2. Big Troubles — “Sad Girls”

    Fall’s full reaches are upon us, so remember to always be nice to the sad girls. And listen to Romantic Comedy because it is a perfect fall album?

    what’s the point in trying if it always ends the same?

  3. Such little relevance in the perfumes of high culture

  4. Sonic Youth — “Sunday” — A Thousand Leaves
    Vampire Weekend — “Giving Up The Gun” — Contra
    Ice Choir — “I Want You Now and Always”
    Interpol — “C’mere” — Antics
    R.E.M. — “Bad Day”

    Okkervil River — “Calling and Not Calling My Ex” — The Stand Ins
    Ghosthustler — “Parking Lot Nights”
    The Very Best — “Warm Heart of Africa”
    Real Estate — “Reservoir” — 7”
    MGMT — “Time To Pretend” — Oracular Spectacular

    Passion Pit — “I’ve Got Your Number” — Chunk of Change
    Chad VanGaalen — “TMNT Mask” — Soft Airplane
    Justice — “D.A.N.C.E.” — A Cross the Universe
    Katy Perry — “Hot N Cold” — One of the Boys
    The Hold Steady — “You Can Make Him Like You” — Boys and Girls in America

    Sea Wolf — “You’re A Wolf” — Daytrotter Sessions
    Male Bonding — “Weird Feelings” — Nothing Hurts
    Polar Bear Club — “Convinced I’m Wrong” — Sometimes Things Just Disappear
    Lightspeed Champion — “No Surprise (For Wendela) — Falling Off the Lavender Bridge
    MGMT — “Electric Feel” — Oracular Spectacular

    Justice — “DVNO” — A Cross the Universe
    The Hold Steady — “Stay Positive” — Stay Positive
    Ty Segall — “Ghost” — Twins
    Vampire Weekend — “Bryn” — Vampire Weekend
    Olive Drab — “Slugger” — Girl EP

    Dent May — “You Can’t Force A Dance Party” — The Good Feeling Music of Dent May and His Magical Ukulele
    Deerhunter — “Hazel St.” — Cryptograms
    Cloud Nothings — “Wasted Days” — Attack on Memory
    Big Troubles — “Sad Girls” — Romantic Comedy
    Coma Cinema — “I Wanna Be Adored (Stone Roses cover)”

    Download here y’all.

  5. The first archived In Afternoon Air in a while, and it’s a special one that includes an interview with Tim Cohen of The Fresh & Onlys.
Woods — “Size Meets Sound” — Bend BeyondThe Fresh & Onlys — “Yes or No” — Long Slow DanceGirls — “Life in San Francisco” — Finally ChampionsNo Age — “Glitter” — Everything in BetweenTIM COHEN INTERVIEW
Ty Segall — “Thank God for the Sinners” — TwinsTy Segall & White Fence — “I Am Not A Game” — HairSeanceintheSun — “EarthAngel” — Please Be Mineheroin party — “if i cleaned everything would you come back_variations on a theme” — summer made me blue; summer gave me skyYouth Lagoon — “July” — The Year of Hibernation
LCD Soundsystem — “Someone Great” — Sound of SilverPavement — “Gold Soundz” — Crooked Rain, Crooked RainBeach Fossils — “Daydream” — Beach Fossilsteen suicide — “‘hi’” — DC snuff filmCloud Nothings — “Wasted Days” — Attack on Memory
SeanceintheSun — “Sacred Nada” — Sacred NadaPaws — “Catherine 1956” — Cokefloat!Big Troubles — “Misery” — Romantic ComedyCloud Nothings — “All The Time” — Cloud NothingsReal Estate — “Green Aisles” — Days
Cloud Nothings — “I Know (You’re All Done With Me)” — Should Have 7”Cloud Nothings — “Didn’t You” — Didn’t You 7” 

Nov. 9, 2012: In Afternoon Air by Inafternoonair on  Mixcloud

    The first archived In Afternoon Air in a while, and it’s a special one that includes an interview with Tim Cohen of The Fresh & Onlys.

    Woods — “Size Meets Sound” — Bend Beyond
    The Fresh & Onlys — “Yes or No” — Long Slow Dance
    Girls — “Life in San Francisco” — Finally Champions
    No Age — “Glitter” — Everything in Between

    Ty Segall — “Thank God for the Sinners” — Twins
    Ty Segall & White Fence — “I Am Not A Game” — Hair
    SeanceintheSun — “EarthAngel” — Please Be Mine
    heroin party — “if i cleaned everything would you come back_variations on a theme” — summer made me blue; summer gave me sky
    Youth Lagoon — “July” — The Year of Hibernation

    LCD Soundsystem — “Someone Great” — Sound of Silver
    Pavement — “Gold Soundz” — Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain
    Beach Fossils — “Daydream” — Beach Fossils
    teen suicide — “‘hi’” — DC snuff film
    Cloud Nothings — “Wasted Days” — Attack on Memory

    SeanceintheSun — “Sacred Nada” — Sacred Nada
    Paws — “Catherine 1956” — Cokefloat!
    Big Troubles — “Misery” — Romantic Comedy
    Cloud Nothings — “All The Time” — Cloud Nothings
    Real Estate — “Green Aisles” — Days

    Cloud Nothings — “I Know (You’re All Done With Me)” — Should Have 7”
    Cloud Nothings — “Didn’t You” — Didn’t You 7” 

  6. Ian Drennan - “Cannonade”

    We all know that Ian Drennan of Big Troubles can craft a mean jangle-pop opus — come on, just listen to “She Smiles For Pictures" — but in his upcoming debut solo 2xLP, The Wonderful World, he takes a bit of a different approach. I can’t really peg “Cannonade”, besides pointing out the obvious keyboard textures and seemingly random bass drum hits, but it’s an unsettling atmosphere. Drennan’s seemingly free jazz direction keeps the listener on his or her toes, waiting for that next jarring keyboard line.

    The Wonderful World is out Sept. 11 via the venerable Underwater Peoples. Drennan is also playing at 285 Kent tomorrow (July 28) with Julian Lynch, Ducktails and Pak. I should be there, so say ‘hi.’ Download “Cannonade” via SoundCloud over at Dummy Mag.

  7. musicthrope:

    ‘Misery’ by Big Troubles

    Bandcamp // Facebook

    Catch Big Troubles at Glasslands tonight with Punks on Mars and The Hairs

    one of my fav songs of 2011. wish i could be in nyc for this show AND the happenings at the 285.

    Reblogged from: musicthrope
  8. White Fence — “Do You Know Ida Know” — Family Perfume Vol. 1
    Real Estate — “Younger Than Yesterday” — Days
    Alex Bleeker — “Getting By” — These Days 7”
    Big Troubles — “You’ll Be Laughing” — Romantic Comedy
    Dream Soda — “That Silly Thing” — Mope Hour

    Twerps — “Bring Me Down” — Twerps
    Cloud Nothings — “Wasted Days” — Attack on Memory
    teen suicide — “‘hi’” — DC snuff film
    total babes — “be so true” — swimming through sunlight
    Abadabad — “Park Slope (I’m Sorry)” — Makeout Beach

    Lean Horse Marathon — “RefRain” — Up On Bomber Mountain
    Atlas Sound — “Walkabout” — Live at St. Cecilia’s RCC 06/17/11
    Youth Lagoon — “July” — The Year of Hibernation
    elvis depressedly — “crazier with you” — disgraceland
    Pavement — “Fillmore Jive” — Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain

    Coma Cinema — “Her Vore” — Stoned Alone
    Grouper — “Heavy Water/I’d Rather Be Sleeping” — Dragging a Dead Deer Up a Hill
    ricky eat acid — “it rained for so long that my house floated away and i drowned” — seeing little ghosts everywhere
    ricky eat acid — “being underwater and everything being quiet and still” — seeing little ghosts everywhere
    The Widest Smiling Faces — “I used to have sad eyes” — Me and My Ribcage

    Modest Mouse — “Bankrupt on Selling” — Lonesome Crowded West
    Future Islands — “Inch of Dust” — In Evening Air
    Gem Club — “I Heard the Party” — Breakers
    Polar Bear Club — “Convinced I’m Wrong” — Sometimes Things Just Disappear
    Nada Surf — “Neither Heaven nor Space” — Let Go

    Perfume Genius — “Hood” — Put Your Back N 2 It
    LCD Soundsystem — “New York, I Love You But You’re Bringing Me Down” — Sound of Silver
    Andrew Cedermark — “Your Dream is Killing Me” — Moon Deluxe
    Evens — “Around The Corner” — Evens
    Does It Offend You, Yeah? — “Dawn of the Dead” — You Have Know Idea What You Are Getting Yourself Into

    Download this edition of In Afternoon Air here until Wednesday at 11:59 p.m. 
  9. Cloud Nothings — “I Know (You’re All Done With Me)” — Should Have 7”
    Neon Indian — “Should have taken acid with you” — Psychic Chasms
    Neon Indian — “6669 (I don’t know if you know)” — Psychic Chasms
    The Men — “Candy” — Open Your Heart
    cute boy kissing booth — “first-kiss-list” — spring break!

    Ty Segall & White Fence — “I Am Not A Game” — Hair
    Cloud Nothings — “Cut You” — Attack on Memory
    Cloud Nothings — “Skeleton in the Basement” — Attack on Memory
    Big Troubles — “Modern Intimacy” — Live at WFMU
    Roomrunner — “Disintegrate” — Roomrunner EP

    Youth Lagoon — “The Hunt” — The Year of Hibernation
    Nada Surf — “Blonde on Blonde” — Let Go
    Nada Surf — “Hi-Speed Soul” — Let Go
    Parentz — “Big” — Big
    Parts & Labor — “No Nostalgia”

    Happy Trendy — “Die Young” — Die Young
    Grizzly Bear — “Southern Point” — Veckatimest
    Beach Fossils — “Golden Age” — Beach Fossils
    Beach House — “Master of None” — Beach House
    Bear In Heaven — “Lovesick Teenagers” — Beast Rest Forth Mouth

    Coasting — “Snow Song (Live on WNYU)”
    Sonic Youth — “Wish Fulfillment” — Dirty
    No Age — “Teen Creeps” — Nouns
    Toro Y Moi — “Leave Everywhere” — Leave Everywhere 7”
    Lightspeed Champion — “No Surprise (For Wendela)” — Falling Off The Lavender Bridge

    Washed Out — “Amor Fati” — Within and Without
    Deerhunter — “Never Stops” — Microcastle
    Real Estate — “Beach Comber” — Real Estate
    Smith Westerns — “Dance Away” — Dye It Blonde
    Cloud Nothings — “Forget You All The Time” — Cloud Nothings

    March 29, 2012: In Afternoon Air by Inafternoonair on Mixcloud

    Download here until Wednesday at 11:59 p.m.
  10. 1. Sonic Youth at Williamsburg Waterfront on Aug. 12
    In what could be Sonic Youth’s final U.S. show, Thurston, Kim and company brought the house down with my favorite setlist out of my four Sonic Youth shows. It was the perfect mix of young and old, highlighted by “Brave Men Run,” “Kill Yr Idols,” “Starfield Road,” “Sugar Kane” and Thurston’s “Psychic Hearts.” While it pains me to think of Thurston and Kim moving on and Sonic Youth coming to an end, this show will always remain with me as the best I saw in 2011 and one of the best ever. 

    2. LCD Soundsystem at Terminal 5 on March 31
    This one really, really does give Sonic Youth’s a run for its money, but it really doesn’t need an explanation. Saying goodbye to James Murphy was an utter necessity. And though I missed out on the Madison Square Garden finale, I was able to cop tickets for the Thursday night show at Terminal 5. It was a treat. From “Dance Yrself Clean” through “New York, I Love You, But You’re Bringing Me Down,” I danced and said goodbye to a band that has made its presence felt in nearly all areas of my life.


    3. Beach House at 9:30 Club on Feb. 26
    Sure, Teen Dream had been released 13 months before this show and I’d been listening the hell out of that album 15 months before, but my first time seeing Beach House left an indelible mark on my year. While getting to 9:30 Club was a hassle, it was totally worth it. I was crying three songs into the set when Alex Scally launched into the lead guitar part during the chorus of “Walk In The Park.” It was also one of the most visually pleasing concerts of the year as well, as 9:30 Club looked better than I had ever seen it. 

    4. The Strokes at Merriweather Post Pavilion on May 1
    As you can tell from this list, I really did a number on knocking out “big” bands on this list. The Strokes were no different, as I stumbled into a pair of free tickets to Sweetlife Festival at Merriweather and used the opportunity to see Lupe Fiasco, Girl Talk from a distance, and, finally, The Strokes. The set, while lasting just under an hour, had everything I could have ever wanted. Everyone talks about how tight of a live band the group is, and I got to see it firsthand.

    5. Thurston Moore at Music Hall of Williamsburg on May 20
    This birthday present to myself also included a show later on this list. It took me a decent amount of time to get into Demolished Thoughts, mostly because it wasn’t Trees Outside The Academy (one of my all-time most meaningful albums). But I eventually got into it, and this show helped so much. Thurston remains one of the best showmen in the game today, and a tight performance only helps matters. Not to mention my first(!) “Psychic Hearts” encore of the year.

    6. Atlas Sound at St. Cecilia’s on June 16
    Hands down, this was the most heartbreaking performance I had ever seen and felt in my life. Every note Bradford Cox played inside that Brooklyn church resonated with so much emotion and depression that to led to multiple people having existential crises. This was one performance that I left not knowing how to feel. The only thing I knew was that I had seen an amazing performance. 

    7. Real Estate at Maxwell’s on May 21
    I saw Real Estate four times in 2011, but this show, which also had Julian Lynch (the great), Big Troubles and Family Portrait on the bill was fantastic. The songs from Days were starting to get more and more play and the Jersey location made it feel like a reunion of sorts for them. It was simply fun. 

    8. Panda Bear at Webster Hall on Oct. 1
    I was a little hard on Panda Bear this year, as Tomboy didn’t really click with me. Getting tickets to this show was the result of me being in New York this weekend and no good shows besides this one being announced at the time of the trip planning. So I forked over the $25 and trudged into Manhattan to take in an extremely cool set. Noah Lennox’s vocals were more crisp and clear than I ever could have imagined, and Sonic Boom’s addition really let the organic nature of the songs shine through. This was my most surprisingly good show of the year.

    9. Wild Flag at Black Cat on Oct. 20
    I entered a free ticket draw to this sold out show on a whim and came up with tickets. So why not. I had caught the supergroup open for Sonic Youth in August and to see them in D.C. would be a cool experience. What ended up happening was seeing one of those shows that you immediately know is a great show. Carrie Brownstein and Mary Timony are amazing live musicians and brought the album to life. Plus, they covered The Ramones and Television. Not too shabby. 

    10. Animal Collective at Prospect Park on July 12
    This show came as my second time seeing AnCo in four days as I also went to the July 9 show where the quartet played songs from Merriweather Post Pavilion at Merriweather Post Pavilion. The songs were good the first time by, but the second time through, everything clicked and it felt like the band was on top of their game for the Brooklyn crowd. 

    11. Wye Oak at Black Cat on March 11
    On a personal note, this show is probably where everything started clicking for me on a personal basis at college. But besides, that Jenn Wasner can shred so hard. The songs from Civilian were so tight and the two piece filled all corners of the venue with noise. 

    12. Yo La Tengo at Merriweather Post Pavilion on Sept. 6
    YLT was opening for The National here, and it’s also where I saw my future self as an alt dad: Sitting in the pavilion, watching chill jams and sipping coffee on a dreary and chilly night. It was great. Plus, “And The Glitter Is Gone” into “Autumn Sweater” just blew my mind. 

    13. Beirut at McCarren Park on June 17
    I had never really listened to Beirut before this show, but I became an instant fan. Zach Condon was swoon worthy and the new songs from The Rip Tide that were performed popped. 

    14. Guided By Voices at McCarren Park on June 18
    2011 could definitely have been considered the legends tour, and what legends wouldn’t be complete without drunken lo-fi jams? That’s where Guided By Voices came in. 

    15. Gang of Four at 9:30 Club on Feb. 9
     This is the show that kicked off the legends tour. And while only half the original band remains, they still put on a killer show that included some of my personal favs from Entertainment! It was just pure fun.

    Honorable Mention (alphabetical)

    Cloud Nothings at Black Cat on Nov. 10

    Family Portrait/Twerps at Rock and Roll Hotel on March 27

    Virgin Mobile FreeFest at Merriweather Post Pavilion on Sept. 10

    Woods/Ducktails/White Fence/Widowspeak at Bowery Ballroom on Aug. 13

    Youth Lagoon at Red Palace on Nov. 13

    Full list of 2011 shows coming soon.


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