1. Sonic Youth — “Wish Fulfillment”

    Today is Lee Ranaldo’s birthday. This is the best song he’s ever done.

  2. Sonic Youth — “The Empty Page”

  3. Happy birthday, Thurston Moore. You make being 55 years old look really cool.

  4. A few days late, but still alive.


    1. Sports Bar — “My Friends”
    2. The Babies — “On My Team”
    3. P.S. Eliot — “Peach”
    4. Guided By Voices — “Closer You Are”
    5. Sonic Youth — “Brave Men Run (In My Family)”
    6. elvis depressedly — “inside you”
    7. starry cat — “thanks”
    8. The Men — “Water Babies (acoustic)”
    9. fthrsn — “Over you”
    10. Pavement — “Here”


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  5. Alright, so I’m really bored on a Tuesday night and wanted to write about something. But I didn’t want to actually write about something. I just kind of wanted to throw some stuff together about something I’ve done, use some pictures and hopefully utilize all the records in my room. After some wandering the house aimlessly and random eating, I decided that I would document the bands that I own the most physical releases of. I went through my discogs and counted some stuff up and then added some other stuff I know isn’t listed, and, boom, I came up with this list. Exciting, right?

    SONIC YOUTH :: 15 releases
    It’s easy to call Sonic Youth my favorite band ever because they are. No band has influenced me more than Thurston, Kim, Lee and Steve, and it’s very rare that a day goes by where I’m not thinking about the band and their influence in some way, shape or form. Sonic Youth really opened me up to looking at things in completely different ways and how I could make awesome stuff where I didn’t have to care what other people thought. And everyone in that band is just cool as eff. Between my sister and I, we have almost the entire catalog on CD. I should probably finish that soon.

    Sonic Youth (CD; bought at Record and Tape Traders, 2006/2007)
    Bad Moon Rising (CD; can’t remember)
    Sister (CD; can’t remember)
    Daydream Nation (4xLP box set; Christmas 2010 gift from an ex)
    Dirty (CD; bought at Record and Tape Traders, January 2007)
    Dirty (cassette; bought off Discogs in a ‘treat yo self’ binge, October 2011)
    Experimental Jet Set, Trash And No Star (CD; can’t remember)
    Washing Machine (CD; can’t remember)
    Murray Street (CD; bought in Pennsylvania, March 2008)
    Sonic Nurse (CD; can’t remember)
    The Eternal (CD; via preorder, 2009)
    Whore’s Moaning: Oz ‘93 Tour Edition (LP; Record Store Day at Red Onion Records, April 2011)
    Jay Reatard/Sonik-Youth — Hang Them All / No Garage (7”; via Ross)
    The Sonik-Youth/Beck — Pay No Mind / Green Light (7”; via Ross)
    Confusion Is Sex (Plus Kill Yr Idols) (CD; can’t remember)
    (all of those ‘can’t remembers’ are probably from Record and Tape Traders in 2006/2007) 

    CLOUD NOTHINGS :: 12 releases
    If you’re reading this blog, you know I absolutely love Cloud Nothings. I’ve been enamored ever since I saw them open for Wavves more than two years ago in DC and I bought Turning On on vinyl. This band has been there through my crazy college career so far and it doesn’t appear they’re going anywhere. I can safely say that I own each Cloud Nothings release in a physical format, although the holy grail of this collection would be Turning On in cassette format (preferably for less than the $200 someone on discogs is asking). I look forward to each Cloud Nothings release because Dylan Baldi does amazing work, and I’m hard pressed to find a band whose songs speak to me more.

    Turning On (CDr; via Bridgetown Records, April 2012)
    Turning On (LP [Speakertree version]; bought at 6/25/10 show w/Wavves in DC)
    Kevin Greenspon + Cloud Nothings (CD; bought September 2010 via Bridgetown)
    Cloud Nothings / Campfires (cassette; bought in the infamous October 2011 ‘treat yo self’ binge)
    Cloud Nothings (LP; acquired January 2011)
    Attack on Memory (LP; acquired January 2012)
    Hey Cool Kid (7”; bought on eBay from the UK)
    Leave You Forever (7”; via True Panther, fall 2010)
    Didn’t You (7”; via Insound, September 2010)
    Morgan / Another Man (7”; via discogs, May 2011)
    I Will Talk To You / For No Reason (7”; post-April 14, 2011 show in DC) 
    Should Have (7”; January 2011)

    THE BABIES :: 6 releases
    The Kevin Morby/Cassie Ramone fronted band was part of my first Brooklyn weekend in August 2009. I saw The Babies play with The So So Glos, Sundelles, Lovvers and That Ghost at Death By Audio and was immediately hooked. It helped that I’d seen Vivian Girls at the Whitney the night before. But the songs from The Babies were just…different. And they’ve grown and grown and grown. I’ve seen the band six times as well, and each time it just gets better and better in each and every way. Their upcoming release on Woodsist this fall is at the top of my list for fall records. It is my goal to eventually collect all of their physical releases.

    The Babies (LP; purchased on Record Store Day, April 2011)
    Live at the Smell (cassette; October/November 2011) 
    Cry Along With The Babies (LP; post-show in DC, January 22, 2012)
    Here Comes Trouble (7”; July 2011)
    My Name (7”; May/June 2012)
    Moonlight Mile (7”; July 2012)

    WILD NOTHING :: 6 releases
    The fact that I owned nearly all of this band’s releases really sneaked up on me last week when I was standing at their merch table during their Baltimore show. I surveyed all the records available and I realized that I had all of them except the “Summer Holiday” 7”. So of course I bought it. Jack Tatum’s songwriting just really gets me, time after time, especially some of the tracks on Gemini. I can’t say I’m enamored with Nocturne just quite yet, but it has its moments and has already started to grow on me a little bit. And yeah, each of the singles is dope and can be listened to time after time again. It’s sweet.

    Gemini (LP; Christmas 2011 via my awesome sister)
    Summer Holiday (7”; August 6, 2012 at a Baltimore show)
    Golden Haze (cassette; April/May 2012 Captured Tracks binge)
    Cloudbusting (7”; December 30, 2011 at Co-op 87 Records)
    Nowhere (7”; May 2012 purchase at Co-op)
    Shadow (7”; June 2012 purchase at Co-op)

    JAPANDROIDS :: 6 releases
    This band just rocks so hard, there’s nothing more I can say about it. The energy in a Japandroids song is just unmatched across the board and there’s nothing you can do about it. I still remember hearing “Sovereignty” coming from my sister’s room in August 2009…I was hooked instantly. I just wish that maybe they’d release an album with more than eight songs on it?

    Post-Nothing (LP; September 2011)
    No Singles (signed LP; May 2010 at Sasquatch) 
    Celebration Rock (LP; May 2012)
    Younger Us (7”; September 2010)
    Heavenward Grand Prix (7”; September 2011)
    The House That Heaven Built (7”; May 2012)

    POLAR BEAR CLUB :: 6 releases
    When I talk to people about my favorite bands of all-time, this one trips them up every single time. Because why should I like some upstate New York based hardcore emo punk band that does Warped Tour and the Alternative Press tour? (Because I can, that’s why). I listened to Sometimes Things Just Disappear every single night before I went to bed in summer 2008 and the sentiments expressed on that album have been part of my life ever since. Chasing Hamburg sountracked the beginning of my senior year of high school. And while I haven’t really been taken by the new album from last fall, I feel like I owe it to this band since they helped change my life. When I first really got into collecting records in late 2010, it was only natural that I got most of Polar Bear Club’s discography.

    Sometimes Things Just Disappear (LP; December 2010)
    Chasing Hamburg (LP; January 2011) 
    Clash Battle Guilt Pride (LP; September 2011)
    The Redder, The Better (12” EP; December 2010)
    The Summer of George (7”; March 2010)
    The View, The Life (7”; August 2011)

    BEACH FOSSILS :: 5 releases
    I was driving around my hometown tonight listening to the Beach Fossils self-titled album and I was thinking about eventually writing about how that album helped change my view on music (reverb!). Then I started thinking about that band as a whole and about how no matter how many jokes they’re the but of for me and my friends (a lot) and even if I’m not a huge fan of the more synth-oriented direction, they’re still a fantastic band. The songs on the self-titled have some amazing staying power and it’s one of the first releases I tell people to listen to when they ask me for “indie” music suggestions. Dustin Payseur and company can just craft songs.

    Beach Fossils (CD; May 2010 via my sister)
    Beach Fossils (LP; April 2011 via Captured Tracks)
    What A Pleasure (12” EP; April 2011 post-show in DC)
    Face It/Distance (7”; October 2010)
    Shallow/Lessons (7”; May 2012 at Co-op)

    LCD SOUNDSYSTEM :: 5 songs
    Maybe someday when I’m older I’ll write a book (or at least 5,000 words) on every single thing James Murphy has influenced in my life. There’s a lot, especially since the release of This Is Happening. And when one band has such an influence on your life, of course you’re going to collect the records. So over time, with some help, I’ve acquired all three-studio albums and have started working on the 7”s. Luckily, I have plenty of time. Not much money, but plenty of time.

    LCD Soundsystem (LP; Princeton Record Exchange, January 2012)
    Sound of Silver (CD; via a girlfriend, January 2012)
    Sound of Silver (LP; via the same girlfriend, March 2012)
    This Is Happening (LP; via the same girlfriend [she was cool], January 2012)
    Give It Up (7”; May 2012, Academy Records)

    WOODS :: 5 releases
    Does Woods make you happy? Are you human? Those answers should both be yes. Jeremy Earl and Jarvis Taveniere have worked so hard (an album a year for six years) and each release just feels made with love. I’ve found it so easy to connect with every Woods song I listen to, even the incredibly long ones. Taveniere and Earl, plus Kevin Morby and G. Lucas Crane in the live setting, make it work. So I keep buying their records.

    Songs of Shame (LP; March 27, 2010, post-show in DC)
    Acoustic Family Creeps (12” EP; September 2011)
    At Echo Lake (LP; June 2012, Co-op)
    Sun and Shade (cassette; post-show in NYC, August 2011)
    Cali In A Cup (7”; July 2012, Co-op)

    So yes, thanks for dealing with my boredom tonight. Y’all should do the same thing, or come and hang out and listen to records with me. Because I am awesome and my collection is awesome. 

  6. Cloud Nothings — “I Know (You’re All Done With Me)” — Should Have 7”
    Neon Indian — “Should have taken acid with you” — Psychic Chasms
    Neon Indian — “6669 (I don’t know if you know)” — Psychic Chasms
    The Men — “Candy” — Open Your Heart
    cute boy kissing booth — “first-kiss-list” — spring break!

    Ty Segall & White Fence — “I Am Not A Game” — Hair
    Cloud Nothings — “Cut You” — Attack on Memory
    Cloud Nothings — “Skeleton in the Basement” — Attack on Memory
    Big Troubles — “Modern Intimacy” — Live at WFMU
    Roomrunner — “Disintegrate” — Roomrunner EP

    Youth Lagoon — “The Hunt” — The Year of Hibernation
    Nada Surf — “Blonde on Blonde” — Let Go
    Nada Surf — “Hi-Speed Soul” — Let Go
    Parentz — “Big” — Big
    Parts & Labor — “No Nostalgia”

    Happy Trendy — “Die Young” — Die Young
    Grizzly Bear — “Southern Point” — Veckatimest
    Beach Fossils — “Golden Age” — Beach Fossils
    Beach House — “Master of None” — Beach House
    Bear In Heaven — “Lovesick Teenagers” — Beast Rest Forth Mouth

    Coasting — “Snow Song (Live on WNYU)”
    Sonic Youth — “Wish Fulfillment” — Dirty
    No Age — “Teen Creeps” — Nouns
    Toro Y Moi — “Leave Everywhere” — Leave Everywhere 7”
    Lightspeed Champion — “No Surprise (For Wendela)” — Falling Off The Lavender Bridge

    Washed Out — “Amor Fati” — Within and Without
    Deerhunter — “Never Stops” — Microcastle
    Real Estate — “Beach Comber” — Real Estate
    Smith Westerns — “Dance Away” — Dye It Blonde
    Cloud Nothings — “Forget You All The Time” — Cloud Nothings

    March 29, 2012: In Afternoon Air by Inafternoonair on Mixcloud

    Download here until Wednesday at 11:59 p.m.
  7. Click through to stream Lee Ranaldo’s Between the Times and the Tides via Rolling Stone. It’s nice to hear Lee’s songwriting take center stage. It’s weird hearing his songs without the blast of Thurston Moore behind him, but this album could become one of my favorites of the year.
Between the Times and the Tides drops next Tuesday on Matador.

    Click through to stream Lee Ranaldo’s Between the Times and the Tides via Rolling Stone. It’s nice to hear Lee’s songwriting take center stage. It’s weird hearing his songs without the blast of Thurston Moore behind him, but this album could become one of my favorites of the year.

    Between the Times and the Tides drops next Tuesday on Matador.

  8. I saw Thurston Moore play at Black Cat tonight in DC and he was amazing as usual. It’s so positive and comforting yet life affirming to see someone you have so much respect for and had such a major impact on your life in the flesh.

    I saw Thurston Moore play at Black Cat tonight in DC and he was amazing as usual. It’s so positive and comforting yet life affirming to see someone you have so much respect for and had such a major impact on your life in the flesh.

  9. Thurston Moore - Hand in Hand (Part 2)

    Part 2 to a great interview with Thurston about skating.

    (Part 1)

  10. Thurston Moore - Hand in Hand (Part 1)

    Legendary Sonic Youth guitarist Thurston Moore talks about skateboarding and the influence it has had on him.


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